Project Description

Robots are transforming automation processes all across industries. As robot technologies improve, robots are becoming increasingly more capable and cheaper, incentivising their use in ever more sophisticated processes. To capitalise on this trend, the RoboNimbus project envisions an AI-powered, cloud-based, all-in-one robot management platform that will allow the user to connect, monitor, control and maintain the robot fleets with ease. RoboNimbus will leverage state-of-the-art technologies including IoT, Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Predictive Maintenance to create a truly futuristic robot management platform.

In the first work package of the project, we will create the administrative and financial framework within which the project team will operate throughout the project. Although the framework will be created within first months, all the outputs from this work package will be finalized at the end of the project since all the documents will be continuously updated.

The second work package aims to establish all the use cases and user requirements according to which the Robonimbus Platform will be designed and built. This work package is expected to be concluded within 12 months after the project start.

The third work package is comprised of all the business-related activities of the end product. Throughout this work package, the Exploitation Plan and Dissemination & Communication Plan will be created and how the marketing strategy of the Robonimbus platform to accomplish its business goals, including top 4 business impacts, will be developed.

In the fourth work package, cloud architecture will be defined and implemented, and AI platform will be developed. This process will include procurement of some hardware, which were not covered by project funding, and development of all the software components such as multi-tenant backend application, web applications, mobile applications etc.

Fifth work package is the development of software and AI algorithms for Mobile Robotic Nurse, which will have the capabilities of smart object detection, face recognition, smart mapping, social navigation, smart voice dialogue, VR/MR based human-robot interaction, gesture recognition and predictive maintenance.

In the sixth work package, all the software and hardware components will be integrated, system integration tests will be conducted and the Robonimbus platform will be demonstrated and validated.

In the seventh work package, we will obtain a technology for robotic manipulator and robotic nurse control which is based on the human motion imitation. The conventional manipulator control requires many hand-crafted coding algorithms, but the imitation learning will simplify the generation of manipulator motion.

After the conclusion of all the project’s R&D activities, the end product “Robonimbus” Platform will be branded and marketed as stipulated in the Exploitation Plan. We envision many more innovations within the Robonimbus platform in the years after the project as well.